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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 1, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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the intense manhunt for murder suspect in ft. bragg is over. authorities say they shot and killed 35-year-old aaron bassler in the woods near ft. bragg this afternoon. we know that sacramento deputy is the one that killed bassler but authorities are not releasing many details except to say no one else was injured. bassler was wanted for two ft. bragg killings. the first killing happened on august 11 when a land restoration worker was killed, then 2 1/2 weeks later a council man from ft. bragg was shot and killed. he was investigating reports of an illegal marijuana farm and a witness identified bassler. dozens of law enforcement have been searching the forest east of ft. bragg for signs of bassler since late august. and people in the ft. bragg area received a reverse 911 call before 2:00 this afternoon notifying them of bassler's death.
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>> residence of the north area, mendocino sheriff would like to advice you your neighborhood has been secured. please record yesterday's message at this time. >> the reverse 911 call informed the nearly 7,000 residents in the area that the area had been secured and in other words, was now safe. when the manhunt began bassler's father said his son was mentally unstable. >> thousands of state prison inmates began arriving at county jails across california including many here in the bay area. it's part of the governor's plan to address the problem of prison overcrowding. monte francis joins us from the hall of justice with that story. monty. >> reporter: good evening. this is affecting some counties more than others. here in san francisco there is no problem with overcrowding but the jail in san mateo county is at 125% capacity. even so, the sheriff there says he will try to queez in an
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additional 200 inmates part of what the state call as prisoner realignment. the transfer of 42,000 inmates to county jails began today. here in san francisco, 700 inmates are expected by the end of the year and 30 of those arrived today. a short time ago we spoke to the supervisor who chairs the public safety committee. he explains it's supposed to involve lower level offenders. >> they will conduct a strict risk, case by case risk assessment of each inmate that's coming back. the criteria, supposedly under assembly bill 109 is that one, they cannot be a violent felon, two, not a sex offender. >> reporter: he says his long term concern is about funding. the state is providing san francisco with about $6 million to cover the cost for the transfer of prisoners which falls short of what the city needs to take care of the inmates. the transfer is expected to
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happen in waves anden complete by the end of the year. monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. in oakland this morning three people were killed and a woman seriously injured after their car hit a cement wall on a freeway exit ramp. the 27-year-old man from oakland was driving this 1990 buick and was speeding and lost control at the exit. it happened 3:00 this morning. the driver died at the scene along with a 20-year-old woman from hayward and a man from san leandro. a female passenger was taken to the medical center. investigators say some of the passengers had not been wearing seat belts, and an alcoholic beverage was found in the car. the investigation continues. >> the amount of money that california will pay this year to pay its debt is nearly double what it was a decade ago. that's according to a new report from the treasurer.
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the debt comes from interest on bonds to pay for everything from parks, classroom and high speed rail to funds borrowed to bridge a deficit. california's accident about 8% of the general fund, or $2,500 per person, far more than the national median of just $1,000 per person. the state treasurer is urging lawmakers to reduce that burden. >> the nation's biggest bank is facing continued criticism tonight after its announcement that it will charge $5 as a debit card fee starting early next year. bank of america plans to charge that $5 fee every month that a customer uses his or her card to make a purchase. lobbyists for bank of america and other banks say the fees are necessary to make up for lost revenue after the dodd frank act restricted the ways banks make money. >> we don't like doing this. it's the last thing we wanted to do. we were forced to by government
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intervention. >> consumers don't have to take it. they have options. some credit unions and they can shop for a better deal. >> bank of america has about 58 million customers, many sent complaints and in fact, so many it caused the website to go down for several hours. today, 24 protesters were arrested outside of a bank of america in boston and wells fargo and chase have been testing $3 monthly fees and haen regional banks will follow. >> coming up next at 6:00, anonymous no longer? we'll introduce to you the homeless hack here says he's part of the notorious group called anonymous. plus, before you dig into that salad there is a recall you should know about. dd the ansrswe- >>he answers are almost always psychological. >> how the experts say you can use psychology to improve your finances.
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>> the group behind the b.a.r.t.
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protests and computer cyber attacks goes by the name anonymous for a reason, to remain unknown. today a man claiming to be associated with anonymous unmasked himself and spoke with bob redell. >> what's remarkable about the man says disrupted the government's website he doesn't have a place to call home. lives out of this back pack and used to carry three lab tops and a cell phone. >> i'm scary smart. despite the best efforts of the city, the county, and now the federal governments, i will not be silenced. >> this morning against his lawyer's advice, christopher removed his bandanna to come out as the hacker known as commander x, associated he says with the group responsible for the protests and hack attacks that shut down b.a.r.t. stations and websites. >> i am immensely proud, humbled to the core to be part of the
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idea called anonymous. >> but he denied having anything to do with the denial of service attacks that stopped citizens from accessing emergency services and other parts of the santa cruz county government website in december. >> and our legal team will provide irrefutable proof of this at our trial. >> the fbi says he and another man orchestrated the attack in retaliation against the county after it shut down a sleep-in demonstration on the courthouse steps where homeless people had been protesting a new law that restricts camping. >> there has to be a limit to what you can do to poor people because you don't like the way they look and don't want to see them. there is a moral imperative. >> you are inconveniencing people who don't have a dog in the fight. >> they put their money into the system every day to pay the cops wages who are murdering people. >> what about people who use the government website? >> people need to be held to account. government officials need to be held to account.
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the outrage and the moral imperative outweighs any other consideration that's nonviolent. and if a person has to wait an extra hour on a b.a.r.t. platform and see the signs and maybe get educated by some person protester who sits down next to him, then that's too freaking bad. that's what protest is in america. that's what stopped the war, what ran a president out of offers. >> he tells me he expects to be indicted on more charges for what he wouldn't say. he is due back in federal court the first of november. diane. >> all right. still to come at 6:00, another recall, this time lettuce. we'll give you the information you need to know. plus -- >> it's all of our problem. it's all of our struggle, all of our challenge. to come together and service of our children. >> we'll show you a remarkable new school program that goes by the name of manhood development. >> here's a look at our satellite radar. we can see one system passing over the area. we're tracking two storm sysms
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that will bring quite b
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>> first it was canada lope, now lettuce. a farm is recalling 30,000 pounds of chopped romaine lettuce because of possible listeria contamination. the fda found the bacteria during a random check of true leaf farm's lettuce. it was shipped to wholesalers in 20 states and canada. california is one of those. the recall covers lettuce with a use by date of september 29, as of now there are no reports of illnesses. but listeria is the same deadly bacteria responsible for at least 15 deaths and more than 80
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illnesses linked to the recent cantaloupe recall. >> oakland is known partly for its high crime rate and students also drop out at the highest rate in the bay area. what's more, black teenagers face a 40% unemployment rate, the highest in the entire nation. as nbc bay area's kris sanchez shows us, the oakland unified school district started a first-of-a-kind strategy to help with african-american boys graduate and grow into men. >> we've been together what, almost three weeks. you guys are doing excellent. four? better than me. >> this is a typical classroom but it's not a typical class. this is manhood development. >> pulling up your pants, making you don't dress like this. this is being professional. you guys are looking really nice. nobody has sagging pants. >> it's the first in the nation to create an office of african-american male achievement to help the boys defy the odds, that means putting a positive male role
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model in class with the boys for an hour every school day for anner tire year. on this day the students are reflecting about themselves. >> when i first started i started up with -- i feel so ashamed because i -- >> these teens don't just talk about their past, they talk about futures with a college counselor from uc-berkeley. if they graduate with a 2.7 grade point or bet ter scholarship fund offers $16,000 in scholarship money. >> we found a significant increase for the boys during the school day in attendance and significant decrease in discipline issues. >> the staff surveyed 500 african-american boys in the district's kindergarten through 12th grade. they said -- >> when we go to school typically the adults on campus see us as if we did or respond as if we've done something wrong and we don't have the opportunity to share who we are. and this class actually does
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just the opposite. we come in we feel welcome. >> and that's what some of these teens say they are feeling just a month into the program. >> he makes sure we own our stuff. he's going to let us know. and >> be a man, more of a man than i am now. that's what i feel like i'm getting. >> julian wants to go to college. he and the rest of the boys will have to beat the odds that extend well beyond the classroom. if they fail, chapman says we all fail. >> it's all of our problem. it's all of our struggle, all of our challenge to come together in service of our children. >> in oakland, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> also in oakland today, close to 15,000 people gathered to share their passion for german beer, food and culture. two local nonprofits hosted the fourth annual oktoberfest, all funds benefit the diamond district of oakland. locals say has a river german
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tradition. a little known fact, every time you enjoy a german beer in an oktoberfest event you're toasting the marriage of a bavarian prince which started the tradition. bet you didn't know that. we're checking in with meteorologist rob mayeda. a nice day for oktoberfest. not so much next week. >> monday and tuesday and wednesday are going to see a different change in the weather. this past week we had the upper 90s, today we cooled off again in a trend we saw starting yesterday. right now it's breezy in san jose. 70 degrees, northwest wind at 17, high clouds moving overhead. san francisco 64 degrees, a mist over some of the coastal hill tops. in oakland now seeing overcast skies, 70 degrees, west wind at 10 miles per hour. 60s and 70s right now. thanks to a healthy sea breeze we're cooling off. but should be fine for the stanford game taking on the ucla bruins, game time temperatures in the mid-60s, cooling into the
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low 60s by the fourth quarter. there you see the winds on shore here this evening. so for tonight as the low clouds fill in we'll see misty skies, probably a little bit of drizzle for tomorrow. like we had today, not a bad day tomorrow. 70s and low 80s inland. 60s around san francisco, then big changes coming up on monday. right now the reason we're seeing the clouds, what's left of a cold front across the bay area now, no rain in the north bay. but again, there is enough lift along this frontal boundary maybe to wring out a little light rain on the coastal range into tonight. you see the break in the action for sunday. monday the system here will start to roll on in. and then another system, a stronger one with more wind and rain due in on wednesday. so, the future cast here going hour by hour into tomorrow morning. you see the low clouds and misty skies. not a bad day tomorrow afternoon. then here we go, monday morning seeing rain for the north bay. and it looks like the monday evening commute will be a little bit of a wet one for san jose northward. that's monday. showers to follow into tuesday.
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then a lot more rain we think of the wednesday system. rainfall totals the end of the weekend not showing up until monday morning. you'll see the rain pushing south into the monday commute. the weekend looks good. it's just the work week. monday through probably wednesday night we're going to see active weather. around the bay area for the end of the weekend, low 80s south of san jose. nice day after we lose the low clouds and drizzle for the morning. you can see on the coast, 60s around san francisco, waiting for the rain in the north bay to start probably as we head into just after midnight sunday. spilling southward as we go midday monday. the weekend doesn't look that bad. temperatures pretty much like today. we'll see the first system dropping in on monday. wednesday, wind and rain maybe one to two inches of rain and maybe a foot of snow in the sierras. seems early. >> just seems weird when we had all of that heat going on. >> thank you, rob. coming up, how a litlee ab tolop
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you save a little more money.
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>> there's apparently a new way to think about money that could lead to a better savings plan called behavioral finance or financial psychology. kim vaties has more on this emerging trend that might help you especially in these challenging financial times. >> troubled by finances, blending mind and money matters may help. >> the way we look at money has a direct impact on how we manage our financial affairs. >> that's why sicily asks her client what is they were taught about money growing up. in their family was money a source of conflict or tool for achieving goals. >> when you look at why has this person not reached what they wanted to, the answers are almost always psychological. >> so here is her strategy to use psychology to improve finances. one, environment. like overeating and smoking
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environment helps you manage money. >> if you want to curb spending and save more find friends who are also savers. >> make a list of financial goals and prioritize them. >> floating around in your shed an idea. if it's on paper it turns into a goal. have use psychology to help a college savings. >> if we name that fund susie's college fund, the psychological commitment to making those contributions increases greatly because we have an image of our child going to college. >> make more long term decisions, plan to save your next raise now and you won't miss it. and make all savings automatic. >> making a decision over and over again, taxes your brain. what happens is you go into a default. >> bottom line, the better you feel about your money the better off you'll be. >> i think they will have more peace of mind about the decisions they're making. >> i'm feeling good about it. that was kim vatis reporting.
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for a look what's coming up in sportsless check in with john henry smith. what's going on? >> well, diane, i'd say the smart money is on baseball fans being very happy today. coming at you from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. highlights we'll have later on from the major league baseball postseason. could milwaukee and philadelphia maintain their home field advantage? also ahead, the san jose state spartans looking good so far and the new head coach mike mcintyre. first t raiders say good-bye to a.eivi core. we'll tell you who next.
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>> i'm john henry smith in the comcast sportsnet newsroom. we'll talk college football but we start with the nfl as the raiders make a roster move. according to our insider, the
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raiders have waived receiver returner nick miller, the second year pro had no catches so far this season but did average over 15 yards on kickoff returns. they assigned ron parker to fill miller's spot. >> san jose state, taking on colorado state. late third, spartans leading by 7 but the rams were in the red zone. the quarterback pete thomas runs it in to tie the game at 31. later in the fourth, matt fogner is going to look for carr. carr's got his man beat. the 38-yard touchdown. spartans beat colorado state for their second win in a row. >> arizona versus usc, scoreless game, matt barkley finds robert woods on the short screen and there he goes. it's going in the books as an 82-yard touchdown pass. woods did all of the work. 7-0, trojans would take the
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lead. to the third quarter, usc up, it's barkley to woods again. last time it was 82, now flip that, this time it's 28 yards. barkley had 468 yards passing, that's a school record. also four td's, holding off a rally winning 48-41. >> to the diamond a slate of major league games on this day. let's look at the two games that are in the books. brewers versus the d'backs. game one of the national league series. top of the first, two on for lance berkman. a three-run homer after of roy halladay. whoops, we're on the wrong one. that's actually arizona versus milwaukee. my mistake. willie bloomquist gets thrown out by ryan braun at the plate. 1-0 milwaukee. a seeing eye shot there by john a than lucroy. that's going to bring a run home to make it 2-0.
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here comes prince fielder hitting that like hitting off the first tee at the golf course. that's a home run. and milwaukee goes on to win, 4-0. they take a 1-0 series lead. now let's go to cardinals/phillies. game one of their series. two on for lance berkman. he hits the 3-1 home run off roy halladay. it's 3-0, cardinals. bottom of the sixth, phillies down 3-1. two on for ryan howard. he stands there and watches it go. way out of the park. three-run shot. philly leads 4-3. later in that inning runner on for raul ibanez. that's going to be a two-run home tear right. the phillies go on to win by a final of 11-6. >> diane, that's sports. back to you. >> all right. thank you, john henry. >> and thanks for choosing the bay area at 6:00. we have giants clubhouse next. we'll see you back here at
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11:00. until then, rain coming up. >> yeah. the weekend looks like it's okay. we look quickly at the seven-day forecast. you'll see that the rain is going to come rolling in monday morning, i think for the north bay. we're watching two storms. monday and then come tuesday night and wednesday, one to two inches of rain, highs in the mid-60s. it was this last wednesday we saw highs in the upper 90s, so a 360 there. and then for the sierra, snow levels dropping close to 6,000 feet. good news because for next weekend we're going to see offshore winds, fleet week next weekend. that looks good. skies start to clear. busy first half of the week. >> all right. thank you very much. for the giants in their year of defending the world series title, it became a season of too many ups and downs. the spotlight shined bright on


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